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September 8, 2013
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GT: Asahina Mao by hyuoon GT: Asahina Mao by hyuoon

Name: Asahina, Mao (朝比奈 真央)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 63.5 kg
Nationality: Japanese
Year: Senior

Alias: Nemesis (Greek goddess of retribution and indignation, punishing evil deeds and undeserved good fortune)
Element: Wood
Weapon: Sickle/Scythe - A large sickle/scythe-like weapon that is attached to his tailbone, hence acting like his tail as well. When in battle, the tail bones stretch out to create a long extension chain in between for easier slashing. The weapon overall can stretch out to 10 feet at max.…
Level: 1
Stats: STR 15 ll SPD 15 ll VIT 20 ll DEF 6 ll INTEL 2 ll LUCK 2

Hack&Slash: Regular Skill Basic hacking and slashing with the weapon at the opponent.
Airborne: Special Skill Spinning of the scythe at the extension chain. The ability leaves the opponent invulnerable in the air for a temporary amount of time, but there is barely no damage made to them. The opponent that is airborne is unable to control their movement and lose precision in their attacks, while they are in the air. Because this skill mainly used only to assist another user in attacking or to run away, the user loses all his defense until the end of the battle, making him the most vulnerable to even smaller attacks.

Altruistic l Anxious l Fair l Social l Outgoing l Friendly l Subtly Conservative

Mao is the type of person who enjoys keeping a mutual relationship with as much people. He strongly believes in being fair, that everyone has a good side and you don't know it until you actually try to get to know them. However despite this, there are plenty of people who can easily take advantage of his kindness. The way he treats himself compared to the way he treats the people around him is different. He likes to prioritize other people over himself in order to gain favor from them; however, when it comes to mistakes that he made, or even other people's, he is naturally inclined to blame himself, when it might not be exactly his own fault. He gets easily stressed over trivial things, but he only shows this side to a selected groups of people that won't hopefully judge him. Physically he seems peaceful and happy, but mentally he's busy running calculations. He likes to pamper people younger than him, or those who act more childish than they are. He finds happiness in what makes other people happy.

+ Breads (Especially Melon Breads)
+ Small Animals
+ His Little Sister
+ Pink
+ Cooking/Baking (Something he can at least do because his stepmother can't cook :^))
+ Pampering People
+ Girls with 'Aegyo' (Winsome) (Just girls with cute personality)
+ Supermarket promotions/sales
- Being Forgetful
- Departing from his little sister
- Large Dogs
- Tomboyish Girls
- Unreliable Officers


Raised in a happy family of three, Mao, as a child, with slight hope for a younger sibling, was content with his own little family of three. At age 8, an unexpected accident occurs as his mother was a victim in a hit-and-run accident as Mao and his mother walked across the streets. The police failed to capture or even identify the murder, leaving Mao and his father in a pit of darkness. The trauma of losing his mother when she had done nothing wrong and the failure in the policemen's part to bring justice, left Mao with hatred towards everything. Unable to cry anymore, the little boy threw tantrums and blamed everyone and everything around him for the reason why his mother has passed away. The little boy found it unfair that he had to lose his mother out of all the other children it could have happened to, and grew to detest the image of family of others normally seen while walking back from school in family restaurants or even just the streets. Although he knew it was partially his fault at hand too, he blamed others to protect himself from the blame. His father on the other hand, despite mournful of the loss, lets go of the incident and didn't allow the grief to hinder his work.

The family continued mourning for their loss until Mao's father finally realized that Mao little boy, needed a mother. Because he failed to fill up the empty spot that used to be Mao's mother's, due to work, he brought in another woman, whom he fell in love with, to become the replacement of Mao's mother. Although a long time passed due to Mao's stubborn disapproval about the remarriage, his heart softened for the desire of a motherly figure and finally at age 15, allowed the remarriage of his father and a divorced woman with one daughter. Feeling bad towards the father who waited for years for his approval, he changed for the better to live a life where he could bring happiness in other people's lives than suffering.

Everything seemed to patch together slowly one by one as the new family grew closer by every time. Although scared for new beginnings and changes, Mao finally leaves his grudge towards people due to the incident and becomes softer than he had before. Like how people say little kids grow up to mature, Mao decided to grow up. However, this did not mean his grief and possibly the grudge he though he had left behind before vanished while growing up to be a compassionate older brother. Although he acts strong, he still blames others at mostly and himself subtly. His tastes towards justice is stronger and is much more sensitive about the topic of family. According to the 7 Stages of Grief, Mao seems to be in the 6th stage where he's working through the loss and reconstructing his life; he is still actually at the 3rd stage where anger and bargaining occurs, but he never shows it by wearing a composed and happy attitude. He is forced to act emotionally soft and strong in front of others so that they can rely on him than keep a distance from him.

> He runs to school like those cliche school girls running to school with a bread in their mouth.
> Picks up his little sister after school.
> His little sister is way too spoiled by him.
> He calls his stepmother by her name.
> Was an extremely rebellious teen (around the age 13-14) and would often get piercings on his ears with a safety pin.
> Has very average grades in everything other than Home Economics and Math, which he does better in.
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