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Illegibilus: Niel Harcourt by hyuoon Illegibilus: Niel Harcourt by hyuoon
hit me up with an rp anytime kawinks

Name: Niel Harcourt
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 185 lbs
Birthday: October 01
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 6th 
Personality: Affectionate l Kind l Child-like l Tired l Gullible l Gluttonous l Indifferent l Forgetful
    Despite his intimidating height and appearance, Niel is surprisingly a playful affectionate and kind, similar to the traits of a Great Dane. Most people would often jump to quick judgments about him, which are hardly true to begin with. Similar to a little child, he waddles and follows behind friends out of admiration, which would often cause misunderstandings from the peers. He especially likes being complimented or even gently patted on his head, which is the quickest way to gain Niel's undying loyalty as well as his favor. On conditions and cases when he trusts someone, he believes them head on without hesitant, even in cases they are lying, and is easily inclined to take their side.
    However, just as his messy appearance states, he is actually pretty lazy, trying to do the most minimal work; with his only great motivation as food incentives due to the extremely gluttonous and hungry nature. In addition to his laziness, he is mentally and physically always tired, explaining why he seems to have bags below his eyes 24/7. People would often see him falling sleep, or 'resting his head'. He is rather slow in both his physical and mental state as well, due to his excessive tall height and his merely tired mind. His mind can be easily distracted by small things such as sounds, which often inclines people to be frustrated.
    He often acts like he is bored and disinterested, by rudely yawning during conversations or answering with short words. He keeps his words to a minimum. He doesn't particularly think a whole much about himself and his hygiene; always having the same bed head and sloppily worn attires.
    Niel Harcourt was born as a second born son to a Half-Blood father, Wagner Harcourt, and a Muggle mother, Samantha Twinning. His older brother, Liam Harcourt was a outstanding intelligent compared to Niel, who seemed to only be taller physically, but slow mentally. Due to his father's disappointment at the fact that only one of his boy was a bright child with a seemingly bright future and the other, quite nothing like he has wanted and expected, majority of his attention turned to Liam, leaving Niel free of his strict attention and care. However, this discrimination between the brothers by their father did not tear the brotherhood apart. Liam, instead, was taken by Niel as a figure of admiration because instead of his father, Liam took care of Niel. The two brothers were a pair unable to be separated - well more like it was difficult to separate Niel from Liam until on Liam's 11th birthday, his parents found a very invitation that his father was expecting as an Ravenclaw alumni, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With great pride his parents without reluctance sent Liam off, separating the two brothers for years. With great protest Niel did not want Liam to leave, but eventually he knew he had to, and saw Liam off on his own journey of magic. Every month, Liam would write to his brother about his exciting experiences in Hogwarts, and often encouraged him to attend when he has the chance to go like Liam did. Reading about his brother embark on his own journey of magic, Niel subtly hoped he would be able to do the same as well in the future.
    Niel's parents did not have great expectations for him on the other hand, but after Liam had left, the parents seemed to have opened up to the shy and quiet boy and raised him with love and care. However, the parents would be lying if they said they were content with how Niel was. Niel seemed to grow up more lazier and lazier by each day. Despite his subtle affection underneath, he seemed like a disaster, always leaving a mess in the house, which like most parents, would often scold him for it. He didn't like mingling with his own age, and would rather stay home. His parents did not expect Niel to recieve an invitation letter from Hogwarts, nor did they find the confidence that they could send Niel into such school.
    However, on Niel's 11th birthday, his father's and mother's eyes widen at the familiar white letter inside their mailbox. Unable to keep the invitation hidden from Niel, they saw Niel rather wanting to go as well, explaining it was something he wanted to do for almost the first time, which actually surprised his parents. Although reluctant, his parents sent him off to Hogwarts under a condition that he'll try his best in both his school and social life.
    After Niel got into Hogwarts through the help of his father escorting him to the Diagon Alley and Hogwarts Express, he was sorted into Hufflepuff, unlike his father and his brother who was sorted into Ravenclaw. Quickly enough, he adapted to the school and the people, as well wrote letters to his parents often. Eventually, getting too comfortable, Niel allows his lazy nature to surface and rarely writes back to his parents nowadays. Despite his flaws, he is blessed to have people who seemed to accept him into the family of Hufflepuff.
Samantha Twinning (Muggle Mother) (45)
Wagner Harcourt (Half-Blood Father / Ravenclaw) (48)
Liam Harcourt (Older Brother / Ravenclaw) (18)
Likes: Food, Sleeping, People, Schnitzel (Both the actual food and his dog), Minimal Work, Slouching his body, Any position that is comfortable
Dislikes: Starving or the state of being hungry, Having to clean (Himself and his room), Being alone, Walking into people (Literally), Any activities that involve vigorous athletic movements
Elective Classes:
Care of Magical Creatures
Study of the Ancient Runes
Extra Curricular:
Magical Theory
Ghoul Studies
Finite Incantatem: Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect. Though taught at an early age, the actual effects of this spell are heavily dependent on the power and skill of the wizard casting it - it is widely used in everything from dueling to medicine, but has relatively limited utility to novices.
Incendio: Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand; the power increases with the skill and experience of the caster.
Locomotor: Causes a specified object to move at the discretion of the caster, usually directed by the movements of the wand.
Protego: Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. The strength of this spell is directly connect to the skill and talent of the wizard, and stronger versions can protect against very powerful curses - or even reflect failed jinxes back against the attacker. Other advanced uses of the spell include protecting an area from outside harm (Protego Totalum); there are as many advanced variations as there are wizards to think them up.
Evanesco: Causes an object to vanish. Vanished objects can be recovered, if necessary. Evanesco does not work on living creatures.
Wand Ingredients:
Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: 12 1/2 Inches
Wood: Pine
Flexibility: Unyielding
Name: Schnitzel
Species: Shiba Inu
Gender: Male
Personality: Faithful l Extremely Playful l Affectionate l Keen l Attention-Wanting l Gluttonous 
Other Information:
- High Metabolism
- Always seen eating or chewing on food
- Serves as a super comfy and warm cushion when sat on
- Has a lazy eye
- Always tired looking with dark circles as if he hasn't gotten any sleep for days, but probably gets the most sleep out of the entire school
- Will and must find opportunities to take a nap
- Is a snorlax
- Is physically unfit
- Has 5 piercings on each ear; 2 on his left eyebrow; 1 on his lips which is chained back to one of the piercings on his left ear :' )
- Find anything that uses energy tedious, such as talking, studying, etc; he's a strong 'energy reservist' 
Relationships: N/A
Achievements: N/A

Revamped version of the same Niel Harcourt from Lex-Ferenda; only some of his physical features were modified to make him more like his age, but he is still the same lazyass Niel.
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