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January 26
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MH: Tetsu by hyuoon MH: Tetsu by hyuoon
I have to stop joining more groups
Nerd numero 4

Feel free to RP and/or headcanon with this derp

Name: Tetsu Yamada
Age: 18
Date of Birth: May 16
Year: 3rd Year
Height: 6' 0"
Gender: Male
Place of Residence: Home
Club: Gardening Club
Personality: Fun and very not serious most of the time, but when it comes to careful work such as studying by himself or doing darkroom printing (an old way of printing photos from film rolls) he is quite serious, not talking much because it requires so much concentration (usually when he wears his nerdy glasses). He usually likes to tease people and joke around. He is; however, extremely gullible, and will believe most lies and rumors if he hears it with his own ears; he is quite a drama queen on top of that. Doesn't really get angry, and even if he did, he seems more jokingly angry; not the angry most people thinks of at first thought. He doesn't like to act his age and usually acts super girly and cute just for the fun of it, which can make most people extremely uncomfortable. 
Likes: Photography, Hanging out with cool kouhais, Posting photos on social networking sites/apps like enstagram, Sour-sweet, Convenience Stores, Traveling, Flowers
Dislikes: Lending people his cameras (even though he has 99999 of them), Extremely emotional people, Final Exam Week, Cats (He has allergies), Horror/Thriller Movies
History: Tetsu originally lived in Tokyo until the end of Elementary when his mother suddenly fell ill. The doctor concluded that for a steady and safe recovery, the mother would have to live in a region where the air isn't too much polluted. The family as a whole agreed to move down to his mother's hometown, Hida-shi, other than his father still remaining in Tokyo because of his work. Living under the same roof as his grandparents, Tetsu found keen interest in photography, finding old film cameras his grandfather used to use. While living down in Hida-shi, Tetsu helps his grandfather tend to his flower shop and would often fall asleep in the shop instead of his own room. 
Additional Information: - School's Photographer
- Florist's Grandson (He works part-time job there after school)
- Usually goes back up to Tokyo for the weekend once every month or two to spend time with his father, who buys him things.
- Does not speak in dialect
- Have multiple different cameras ranging from old film cameras to polaroids to DSLRs.
- Spontaneous and Unpredictable
- A Nerd
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