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May 27, 2013
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MnG: Doki by hyuoon MnG: Doki by hyuoon

Oh, uhhh if anyone needs help with just the basic knowledge of swimming and specific strokes, you are welcomed to ask me// because google isn't all that reliable when you really want to understand swimming haha

Name: Kang, Dokyung (Most people, such as his close friends or family calls him Doki)

Age: 19

Height: 6' 2" / 188 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Year: Senior

Level: Expert

Main Stroke: Breaststoke, he's fairly balanced at the other strokes though.

+ Pretty Girls (He's a man okay :iconheblushplz: )
+ Hard workers
+ Spending time in the pool, with an anticipation that he'll improve
+ Compliments
+ Shaded Places
- People being extremely ridiculous with his nickname
- Unmotivated and Lazy Swimmers
- When someone gets hurt somehow
- The normal people's perception of 'fun'
- The sound of cracking fingers

Disciplined and critical to the extreme, Doki, at first impression is usually extremely judgemental and wary of the people around him. However, despite this, there are always some exceptions, as he finds people who work hard and rather cool admiring, which makes them more of an easier group of people to make friends with him. He finds the sayings where people are naturally gifted with talent as a myth, and strongly believes as long as you have the athletical ability, strong motivation, and effort, you'll get somewhere, hence he practices a minimum of once a day, for at least 3 hours. His hardworking impulse is rather admirable to some people around him; however, he isn't the most ideal person to expect a kind of compliment from. He tends to be very critical of other's performances, and quick to catch people slacking off - the most common group of people who'd get nagged at the most by him, but this is his own way of being considerate to the other, no matter how offensive his statements or comments can get. He is extremely self-disciplined, at first strictly disciplined by his mother, and knows how to manage his time and things to avoid recklessly getting involved with pointless activities. He finds praises though, very motivating, and would always seek out to find ways to get more praises and compliments from other. Well that is, other than people whom he dislikes. Despite of the million reasons to hate him, as he often goes around making enemies here and there, he gives effort in trying to make himself likeable and approachable character.

History: Doki was raised Like how all typical asian parents would encourage their children to master extracurricular activities such as swimming or piano since they're young, on the other hand, Doki's parents strictly encouraged him to take swimming lessons, and would often take control of the decisions he made. This often affected the kind of foods he consumed, his curfew, his studies, the kind of friends he hung around with. His family was also never able to stay in one consecutive country for a long period of time, often due to his father's work. Because of the constant moving, it was overall difficult for him to make friends and stay in contact until encountering a certain person, who opened him up to a new group of people and grew to have more friends as time passed. On the beneficial side of the frequent moving, this allowed him to grow up competing against various different swimmers of different countries; allowing more opportunities for him to grow and train better towards an olympic candidate for swimming.
Although previously, he used to grow up a very anti-social kid, who would always have his parents decide everything, he managed to encounter a cheerful girl back at Middle School, who reached out to various sports and had plenty of friends. The girl's approachable and similar interest in swimming with him, allowed her to be involved in Doki's life, as she introduced him to multiple people, letting him step out of his comfort zone, into a world where he could now manage to stand without his parents. Although his parents, at first felt rather shaken about this fact, they quickly came to accept the reality, and let Doki live his life with his own choice. When he'd often lose to the girl by few seconds in backstroke, he'd often jokingly complain that backstrokes are for girls,, but overall, he enjoyed spending time with her swimming and socializing. An unfortunate accident happens the following year when she fractured her back when she attempted a flip during her gymnastic practice, and was forced to quit all of the sports she played in, with an exception of swimming only backstroke and freestyle. More complicated history follows after this, but overall, for no reason really, he'd blame himself when he sees her forcing through her limits when she swims, due to his strict and disciplined personality.
After spending his entire Middle School and Freshman year, back at Singapore, his family was this time transferred to Japan, where he attended Mizu no Gakuen, a perfect opportunity and surrounding to study and pursue maybe an olympian athlete career, that he pursued at since little.

Additional Info:
- He is quick to anger when people decides to add nicknames to his name.
- Although I had added a ring and piercings on his ears, he doesn't wear them in water obviously.
- More on the pale side, because majority of the pools he uses are indoor.
- He gets extremely paranoid and nervous at news when someone gets hurt, especially when it relates to bones.
- He is natural to physical contact, after you've actually befriended him.
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I adore his hair colour~
his personality really stands out, specially in his disciplined mode
its good to have someone who's not lazy and who just likes do eat food and sleep, as a senior fellow. :iconhebishieplz:
asgdfhgashkdlgsajdkgh HE'S SO PRETTY
I love your style so much :iconkiligplz:
And congrats for getting in
I hope we can RP together soon
Phishythoughts Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Pfff I hate backstroke! Back stroke is for.... um... backwards people....
Kou418 Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats on getting in~ :iconteyuplz: I hope we can be friends---
Youkai-Meimi Jun 27, 2013  Student General Artist
I see you made it into the group >w< congrats~
SkylarkKai Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You got in too yay X3
Youkai-Meimi Jun 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Ohhh he's interesting :D

I like the green streaks in his hair~ Thats a nice touch~
Iyuse May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
could we do a pre rp???? <:3c here's my app: [link]
oo hehe// sure!
Would you like to do it in google docs, or skype, or chat?
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